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Now is the time to share visions from Perry’s personal dreams and vision journal publicly, revealing what was, what is, and what is to come.
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The Visions book on Audible

Perry’s Audible book, The Visions released in 2022 shares visions taken from Perry Stone’s personal dream and vision journal, He believes now is the time to share them publicly. They reveal what was, what is, and what is to come.

Topics included in this Audible book:

  •  The history of ancient oracles, God’s use of seers to reveal the future, and the ways God spoke to pagan leaders through dreams and visions
  •  Visions of cremation ovens
  •  Visions of burning cities, including New York City
  •  Fred Stone’s vision of an East Coast nuclear attack from Russian submarines
  •  Fred Stone’s warning of a terrorist attack on the Capitol in DC
  •  Warning of a terrorist attack on a public school
  •  Tsunami visions and the areas they hit
  •  A vision of a nuclear event followed by a stock market collapse
  •  A vision of empty city streets and no travel
  •  A vision of a biological weapon attack in London
  •  Visions of an earthquake in Saint Louis and surrounding areas
  •  The end-time attack on Christians and churches
  •  Political leaders without God’s favor, Trump 2024 parallels, and America’s division
  •  Rules and wisdom principles for surviving and thriving at the time of the end


Believers must pray and be prepared for the climax of the age and the fullness of time that will release prophetic events upon their nation and the world.

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