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The Treasure Hunt key was found! To commemorate this momentous occasion, the remaining TREASURE books are now available at a special price of $10 as memorabilia from the ministry.

In celebration of this unique project, Perry has created a solution video exclusively for book purchasers wanting to understand how the treasure was found.

To access the video, click HERE. A password will be provided upon the purchase of the book.
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Exciting News: The Treasure Hunt key has been found!

On August 14, 2023, on Day 172 of the hunt, a group, choosing to remain anonymous, successfully located the treasure. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for their diligent efforts in unraveling the mysteries of this remarkable treasure hunt.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the remaining TREASURE books are now available at a special price of $10 as memorabilia from the ministry. We urge everyone associated with the ministry who does not yet possess this book to acquire The Appalachian Treasure Book today.

In celebration of this unique project, Perry has created a solution video exclusively for book purchasers wanting to understand how the treasure was found. To access the video, click HERE. A password will be provided upon the purchase of the book.

This treasure hunt is centered upon a fictional story by Perry and holds historical significance as the first-ever Christian Treasure Hunt. Spanning two and a half years of planning, writing, and assembling clues, Perry's vision became a reality during a season marked by the suspension of conference and event gatherings due to the pandemic. Seizing the opportunity, Perry completed this long-desired project.

Experience this special novel by Perry and immerse yourself in the opportunity to discover and solve hidden clues while enjoying the journey. Challenge yourself to unravel as many hidden clues as possible, and then follow Perry as he shares and reveals all the hidden intricacies in this writing. We invite you to be a part of this “journey,” not just to uncover how close you were to solving the hunt but to delve into the exploration of hidden truths and treasures as you read.

Your purchase of the book continues to support the outreach efforts of Perry Stone Ministries.

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20 reviews for The Treasure Book (BK-034 Offer)

  1. Susan

    Hurry up and send the book! im ready. Bring it.
    Im going to solve this Summer 😀

  2. Mary DeCristofaro (verified owner)

    Amen! Waiting too. Thank you for the opportunity of this wonderful adventure. My family and I are excited.

  3. Allene Miller

    Perry, You truly are God’s anointed. It can be evidenced by your unique utilization of all your talents and obedience to God’s will. God bless and has’ blessed your ministry and family.

  4. Donald Hughes Jr. (verified owner)

    AWESOME!!! The book is as interesting as the treasure hunt itself. A Perfect way to take a step back from this crazy world and enjoy a special time with the ones you love.

  5. The Walker Family (verified owner)

    This is so intriguing! Our family is drawn in by this hunt with all the patterns, and puzzles. Each family member is able to offer a contribution. Not one single individual can crack the code alone. Thank you for this Perry!

  6. Rob (verified owner)

    Fantastic treasure hunt, full of surprises and hidden information. On the scale of the 1980’s “Treasure – In Search of the Golden Horse” Definitely a hidden gem. Thank you, Perry Stone.

  7. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    He said that He would give me the key . He doesn’t lie. It’s my inheritance. I love a good mystery. I need 10 talents and I will make 10 more. He is my fortress and my strong Tower.

  8. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    He told me He would give me the 🗝️ key as an inheritance like Job. He is my strong Tower and my defense. A present help in time of need.

  9. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    It’s been a fun journey with Abba Father. He said He would give me the 🗝️. He doesn’t lie. X marks the spot. Nope. It’s straightforward. I solved the treasure by listening carefully to Perry’s heart and believing in the spirit that He wants to bl3ss me. I believe Him for favor.

  10. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    Hey Perry come to Texas to see me I would love that. Blessings to you and your family wompoms hou lou hou lou my lips praise the name of Jehovah. He’s an awesome GOD.

  11. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    I release the seed that is in my hand

  12. Stephen Brown (verified owner)


  13. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    Hello greetings 🤠

  14. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    Your ministry is a blessing to me. May He richly bless you,your family and all your staff.

  15. Stephen Brown (verified owner)

    Me and GOD did the journey together.

  16. JT (verified owner)

    Always up for a rewarding challenge, bored and saddened by the post-covid world… I bought the book & found something that gave me fun, frustration, and an element of adventure and danger at times. Unfortunately, after 2 months of hunt and probably more than 2K in gas and expenditures…. my hunt is over until Perry gives a better clue of the final resting place of the container.
    Its been a hunt that I’m sure would’ve gave Perry a few great shows to interview and probably an entertaining book of possible movie quality (or so I’m told). My journey involved copper heads, black snakes, a rattler, a sow bear and her cubs, unsolved very serious (felony) crime evidence discovery, along with other things of importance.
    I followed this and its tricky secrets to its most logical conclusion, filmed it and took lots of pictures except of things only law enforcement are now privy to…. and it wasn’t there where I could find it. I may have even stood on top of it, sat on it, or looked right at it and not recognized it. Or, I may have missed a single tiny detail that put me 20 feet away from it. What I can say is that some of the clues are so unique that one could conclude “how could all these things be anywhere else together” yet, I did find multiple locations each with specific “unique” clues on-site that seem impossible to find randomly without some sort of co-conspirator cooperation.
    The book is worth the price and lots of fun for someone that needed it like I did… and the prize is valuable if you win especially to someone like me that values the sort of items you win in this hunt…. but it is not a $500,000 reward. Its only worth that if all items are sold in specific specialized venues of auction houses and collectors ready and willing to pay are present. I would love to have had it to pass on when I die…. but for now… all I can say is my hunt is on hold and wish everyone else “good luck, and happy hunting”. A word of caution: Perry has stated on video format that this hunt was inspired by the Forest Finn treasure hunt that was solved a few years ago. However, what most people don’t know is that people died hunting for Forest Finn’s treasure. Perry has warned multiple times that even though he believes the key is in a fairly safe location that there is always an element of danger present in any hunt and that he was nearly injured seriously in a hunt he was on. TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY ! He knows what he is talking about. Even though the resting place of the key might be somewhat safe, opening the hunt to a four state mountainous region is NOT. There are a thousand ways to die in those mountains- BE CAREFUL! Go prepared- Be cautious- you never know what’s ahead when adventuring.

  17. Rob (verified owner)

    This is an update to my April 19 review. Continuing to be drawn into this treasure hunt, almost completed with my second review of the book, and finding more ways that Perry has been very creative in conveying information. Some relatives are good at puzzles, and Im going to see if an aunt will get involved. In my opinion, there is plenty in the book without the additional hints. Have fun all.

  18. Gina (verified owner)

    Loved it!

  19. Chris W (verified owner)

    Posting my solution as the treasure has been found but location not announced yet:

    I flew to West Virginia and drove 10 minutes from Perry’s birth town (Parsons) to Red Run Falls, located off Canaan Loop Rd. (The Promised Land) near Blackwater Falls and Davis, WV (The Bava Family) two significant clues in the book! Looked all around Red Run Falls for the correct tree with roots like the dry boney fingers/snakes and a hole covered by a rock which should have contained a fake piece of coal with the key in it. Right above Red Run Falls (red is a huge clue in the book) is Table Rock. Tables
    Is another word for Altar as well as Table Mountain being a fairly dim and unknown constellation. So many other fun connections and only giving it 4 stars because I didn’t find the treasure first. I hope we get to hear the final location!

  20. Kimberly Melton (verified owner)

    Loved the book, read it exactly 10 times, found the location and went 5 times during the hunt, and using AirBNB only cost about $350 for 2-3 night stay so was not expensive. Found most all of the clues– 3 different major clue site areas i found represented by the 3 redbirds trails : 1). a rock with Perry or Fred’s initials F. S. or P. S near a post office box clue for turning #19, 2). the Golgotha resurrection scene of huge rocks exactly as described in the book, and 3. the frog rock tree. The frog rock tree is where I thought the key was near a creek and behind a really small m noted on the bike map. Last day I was there on 8.13.23, it was raining 7:30am that morning and I was running out of time before the bike park opened and was going down the trail to look in those tree roots at the frog tree when at the last moment something changed my mind and I went back to the Golgotha rocks. Later after the key was found and I had left I realized my mistake and put the rest of the clues together connecting the 3 redbirds clue to the frog rock tree. I actually found the frog at the end of May but never thought to look in the roots bc I thought I needed to dig LOL.

    Me and my family enjoyed all of the activities and places to go that were suggested in the book (hidden in clues) including Snowshoe Mountain with the Compass newspaper in Pocohontas County, Greenbank with worlds largest telescope and saw the galaxy of stars, Did the Greenbrier underground bunker tour and tour of the hotel grounds, took the 4 hour Cass Scenic railway trip on a real locomotive up to Bald Knob, got to ride Razors up to the Firetower and Airport Rd, Climbed the Fire tower for an amazing view of a lifetime, went horseback riding, my son learned how to do the mountain biking in Snowshoe Mountain! I had 350 hours total into everything (not including activities) including 3 notebooks, 250 hours of study and research of every word, 5 trips of driving about 60 hours, and about 40 hours of hiking the ski runs/bike trails in the mountains and digging for clues (which i learned later to read instructions and not dig deep holes LOL). I even worked out to build up stamina to do this and lost weight! I now have a new hobby of hiking! This was a blast and and experience I will never forget it!! I am so happy for the family that won and I bet they are thrilled!!! God is so good and I am so thankful to Perry for this book and this hunt!!

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