Unleashing the Beast #3 Audio Book


On Audio CD listen to Perry’s popular book, Unleashing the Beast!
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Your purchases directly support our ministry.
Together, we make a difference!

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There is an unsettling mood hanging like storm clouds over North America. Why is there so much upheaval on so many levels? Where is America moving and where is the world heading? Who will emerge from among the sea of nations as the survivor and the leader?

In times of uncertainty, you want to know that things are under control and happening as planned. In Unleashing the Beast, Perry demonstrates how biblical prophecies are playing out on the world stage today. In this informative and prophetically stirring audio book, you will discover…

That biblical prophecies and Islamic traditions both point to the rise of a coming kingdom and a global dictator who will seize the world

The role that current global concerns have in setting the stage for these End Time events to unfold

Details concerning what is coming in the future

The album includes a total of 7 CDs. This 2011 release includes prophetic insight into Osama Bin Laden's death and the potential effect of his clones. It also explains the Bible predicted current events in the Middle East and America's choice about it's role on this end time stage.

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