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You will embark upon one of Perry Stone’s most significant prophetic studies in recent years when you obtain his newest 2-DVD series, Unsealing the Daniel Cipher! In these 4 hours of study, Perry takes you into the mind, and visions of the Hebrew prophet Daniel. He explains the strange symbolism by breaking down the meanings of Aramaic and Hebrew words, phrases and historical settings explaining the major dreams and visions that deal specifically with the time of the end, the tribulation and the return of the Messiah. You will glean eye-opening truth, including learning the nature and assignments of the future Antichrist, and the possible identity and dangerous strategies of the ten kings who will unite in a war like kingdom! Perry pinpoints from a study of King Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s vision the very nation from where the Beast Kingdom rules. By connecting the dots, you will receive the picture of how we are living in the pre-tribulation days of Daniel! This new DVD series contains research Perry has never taught before, including a detailed explanation of the metal bands on the tree stump revealed in Daniel chapter 4, that holds clues to the re-formation of an empire in Iraq, which we can now understand is linked to radical Islamic militants.

When you order the DVD series Unsealing the Daniel Cipher, Perry will also include the DVD teaching 12 Gates to Satan’s Underworld. See and hear stunning research along with Biblical evidence pointing to a subterranean world located under the earth’s crust that houses both fallen angels and the spirits of unredeemed humanity. Perry will share about the scientific discovery of 12 magnetic gates at equal distances in the sea that may indicate the possible entrances to this forbidden world – a world that the souls and spirits of men must avoid at the time of their death.

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