Unsealing the Daniel Cipher


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Prophetic understanding was sealed until the time of the end (Daniel 12:4). Now the contents can be understood!

We are Living in the Beginning of the Daniel Cipher

Daniel was told that the understanding of his book would be sealed until the time of the end, when knowledge (of his visions) would increase. As time passes, we can understand not only the past, but the future as revealed in the dreams and visions penned in Daniel. Perry has spent thousands of hours reviewing the content and context of the numerous dreams and visions recorded by this great Hebrew prophet, including Aramaic and Hebrew word studies and the history behind the Daniel Cipher. You will have a clear and concise understanding of the future as Perry takes key parts of the end-time visions and puts the pieces together in this 2-DVD set containing four hours of teaching. Taught from the studio, graphic editors masterfully illustrate the teaching using maps, charts, Scriptures, and other visual aids. Two years in the making, Unsealing the Daniel Cipher is now ready for your viewing!



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