Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book #6


This volume of the Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled series focuses on T\the restoration of Israel being the Key to the Messiah’s Return!

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The sixth of Dr. Stone's Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book Series reveals many amazing correlations and truths!

The restoration of Israel is the Key to the Messiah's Return!  If you are uncertain whether or not we are living in the last days, this book will show you how ancient Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled that prove Christ will soon return. It will build your faith and prove that God is preparing the land of Israel for Christ's return!


The untold story of the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem

How Ezekiel predicted the Holocaust, and how God raised up Israel to be a great army

Amazing prophecies about modern weapons used in Israel

How Isaiah 35 is now being fulfilled north and south of the Dead Sea

How Ezekiel's fantastic prophecy about the Dead Sea is now coming to pass

Why the way America treats Israel is how God will treat America

The importance of the Dome of the Rock and how Elijah will assist in rebuilding the Third Temple

Two unusual prophetic statements by two famous rabbis

This book documents ancient prophecies being fulfilled in Israel and includes a special color photo section.

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