Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book #8


This volume of the Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled series focuses on the mark of the beast.

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#8 of the Unusual Prophecies being Fulfilled series includes revelations on the mark of the beast and digs deep into the apocalyptic scriptures as well as shares his observation of global events, especially the shaking in the Middle East. Perry shares powerful, fresh insight into how the future Antichrist will use food shortages, droughts, and numerous disasters to control all buying and selling. Perry explains various theories of the “Mark of the Beast” and the danger of government controlled health care and the spiraling national debt! You will also learn the possible Islamic link to the symbols of the beast.

Perry also takes a new look at China, the leading “King of the east” (Rev. 16:12). He gives the reader eight important suggestions to prepare for the last days and what will come in the future! This is a very important and current message every believer must read!

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