A message from Perry:

Many shared they have never missed the Main Event and that these Main Event services were some of the greatest revelations of God’s Word yet!” The morning service speakers released the most profound “right now” practical series of revelations I have heard in my over 40 years of ministry. The five messages I preached were all new insights, including some I had never seen until recently, that were birthed in the “secret place.” I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to emphasize lessons on defeating the strange attacks of the enemy. Also, I included a significant prophetic update (including the meaning of the new year 5783), also teaching the authority of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life! You will enjoy this entire conference while being fed and encouraged.  

The 2022 Main Event

This album includes all 8 powerful messages from Perry Stone, Tony Scott, Ron Carpenter, and Tommy Bates. 

The titles of the 8 messages are:

5 Prophetic Omens Coming in 2023  – Perry Stone 
Living the Highest Kingdom Life  – Tony Scott
The Prophetic Decree of the Watchers – Perry Stone 
The Legal Side of Prayer  – Ron Carpenter
The Satanic Ambush and the Spirit-Filled Edge – Perry Stone
It is Time to Release the Supernatural – Tommy Bates 
Recovering When Satan Chastises Your Peace – Perry Stone
How to Issue a Restraining Order on the Enemy  – Perry Stone 


2022 Main Event DVD Album



2022 Main Event CD Album



2022 Main Event On-Demand


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