Perry hosted Jonathan Cahn, Jimmy Evans, Bill Cloud, Lance Wallnau, and Mark Biltz for a message-packed four-day event with a maximum capacity crowd at the Omega Center International.
1. The Gods Have Returned (Jonathan Cahn)
2. Something I Have Missed Concerning the Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Perry Stone)
3. The Spirit of Prophecy and the Spirit of Idolatry (Bill Cloud)
4. A Prophetic Timeline of the End (Jimmy Evans)
5. Secrets of the Wedding & Marriage Banquet of the Messiah (Perry Stone)
6. This Changes Everything (Lance Wallnau)
7. Heaven is Invading Earth (Lance Wallnau)
8. Connecting the Dots (Mark Biltz)
9. The Future Millennial Events-The First 75 Days (Perry Stone)
10. White Lightning-The King-Messiah and His War Map! (Perry Stone)
11. Harbingers of Things to Come (Mark Biltz)
12. Order in the Courts: Repairing the Breach in the House of God (Bill Cloud)
13. Look for This to Occur Just Before the Rapture! (Perry Stone)


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