We are featuring Perry's father's book, “Fire on the Altar” in honor of Father's Day.

The topic of this book is winning the battle through unconditional surrender.  Many Christians are just where the enemy wants them to be: weak, powerless and defeated. Weak Christians don't benefit the kingdom of God, nor can they do much damage to the kingdom of Satan. Every believer has the authority to:

  • Witness and Spread the Gospel
  • Experience Signs, Wonders, and miracles
  • See deliverance and answers to prayer
  • Receive revelation to know the mind of God
  • Know the cause of trouble and strife
  • Be warned in advance of trouble on the horizon
  • Defeat the enemy's plan
  • Live victoriously in these last days

In this book, Fred Stone shares personal ministry stories that read like the book of Acts. These stories along with his explanation of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, will inspire you and ignite a fire in your heart to grow stronger in the Lord.

Chapters include:

  • Life in a Coal Mining Town
  • We Needed Revival
  • Called to Preach
  • Miracles in My Early Ministry
  • Then Came Marriage
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Faith, Healing, and Miracles
  • Different Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues
  • Prophecy, Word of Wisdom, and Word of Knowledge
  • Discerning of Spirits
  • Warnings of Trouble to Come
  • Questions and Answers

We believe you will gain insight and understanding of how to win through unconditional surrender. This book will be accompanied by a special audio CD message, “Wisdom from Fred Stone” in which Perry interviewed his father on spiritual insight for these times. Great wisdom and insight are shared in this special interview. Lastly, through the month of June, we will also include a “BONUS” audio cd message from Perry, “The Covenant Over the Threshold” which teaches on drawing a line of protection at your door for your family. This offer is packed full to bless, encourage, and make a great Father's Day gift!



We are featuring a special package including Perry's book, “Lay It On Me” in honor of our Mothers!

Perry shares the story of Ruth and the blessing and favor that comes with obedience. In this story of Ruth, he reveals what it takes to get the attention of your heavenly Boaz, and how God's favor unlocks doors that will lead you out of the “gleaning corner” into the full measure of God’s blessing, “From a Pauper to a Princess.” Read this and see why it is a favorite of our staff and vital for all people of faith to read.

Chapters include:

  • When the Unexpected Happens
  • The Daters and the Romancers
  • The Progression of the Blessing
  • Two Keys that Bring Seven Blessings
  • Getting Out of the Corner
  • The Threshing Before the Final Blessing
  • When God Gets In Your Shoes

In addition to the book, you also receive Pam's favorite of Perry's messages, “When God Get In Your Shoes.”  This powerful audio CD message is actually written about in the last chapter of this book! In this message, Perry shares how God told Moses to remove his shoes for he was standing on Holy Ground. Then in Joshua 5, God tells Joshua to remove one of his shoes and He would give him the authority to walk through the land and claim it for his people!

We need God to get in our shoes! At times, things we attempt to accomplish are bigger than we are.  When we let God take over and declare, “The walls are bigger than I am able to scale,” then God can go with us and defeat the enemy!

We believe you will enjoy reading and listening to this teaching. Its powerful message reminds all of us to obey and see what God will do.  From now through the end of June a Yeshua  Necklace is included when you purchase this special package as a “gift” in honor of recently celebrating Mother's Day in May!

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