A Crack in Your Armor -Warfare Offer


Spiritual warfare is at an all-time high. This resource by Perry shares some of his best insight on how to apply God’s armor and seal off assaults aimed at depleting your spiritual strength.

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In this Manna-Fest offer, you receive Perry’s book, “There’s a Crack In Your Armor” in addition to his 2-CD teaching, “What I have Learned about Warfare in My Lifetime.”

 Perry’s book shares key strategies to stay protected and win your spiritual battles.  He shares a true manifesto on the inside strategies of the adversary and the methods of dealing with strange spiritual conflicts.

 As believers, we are assigned special God gear for protection- a spiritual armor. What many don’t know is that the success of this gear is dependent upon our knowledge of these weapons and our insight into the warfare strategies of the adversary. Learn to protect and effectively wield your spiritual armor. Understand seven common factors that wear down your spiritual strength, what to do when your armor has taken a beating, how to seal off openings that invite assaults, and more!

 Perry’s new 2-CD album messages in this offer explain the meaning of spiritual warfare in the New Testament and detail the seven most important insights about personal and spiritual warfare. It will help to empower everyone who hears it.

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