Answers on Addiction Bundle (Alcohol,Drugs,Suicide)


In response to a 4-part Manna-Fest series with Perry and Tony Scott on Breaking the Power of Addiction – this bundle of resources is offered.

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In response to a 4-part Manna-Fest series with Perry and Tony Scott on Breaking the Power of Addiction – this bundle of resources is offered.

Here is what is included in this special bundled offer.

  1. BK-PH – Perry's book, Purging Your House – Pruning Your Family Tree which brings a very important combination of spiritual and practical insight. It exposes the weird warfare and home front battles being unleashed, giving YOU a complete plan for victory in the physical, emotional and spiritual realm of your family and church! Some key subjects in this book are: How Satan selects his victims using emotional holes in the soul What to do in a counterattack, and how to reverse Satanic attacks and destructive assignments The process of evicting the enemy from your home and purging your house of the six hindrances that attract spirits. Why three o ‘clock in the morning is important in the spirit world, especially in prayer Understanding and using your authority to bind devils and loose the saints Exercising the power of Christ ‘s blood to remove spiritual leprosy from your life and family. This revelation can change the negative powers you ‘re fighting and bring peace to your life, family and local church!
  2. DV142 – On this “Overcoming Addictions” DVD there are 6 live recorded programs with Perry and Christian counselor. Sharon Maloney as they share and discuss insightful information on addictions and how the brain is affected and unseen side effects. You can discover the grace which gives us power through God's love, to overcome addiction and to live a life of freedom through the delivering power of Jesus Christ.
  3. DV157 – On this “Breaking America's Pharmakeia Spirit” DVD, preached live, Perry shares about the strongest spirit gripping America today and how to combat struggling with addictions.
  4. 2CD350 – This 2 audio CD album entitled, “Pruning Your Family Tree” illustrates the danger of not pruning your tree. Some family trees have problems like addictions, depression, divorce, gambling and confusion, which destroys the good fruit they could produce. Discover what you can do to remove the junk DNA from your lineage and replace it by the act of regeneration! Prune It or Ruin It!
  5. 2CD409 – This 2 audio CD album entitled; “Overcoming Addictions” is the audio version of DV142 allowing you to listen to the informative truths shared in the live interviews with Perry and Christian counselor Sharon Maloney on principles for freedom from bondages.

Without a doubt, battling addictions whether it be drugs, alcohol or thoughts of suicide is at an all-time high. The enemy is working to kill, steal and destroy but we declare the Word of the Lord! His report says we are healed, delivered and free!  These resources offer hope and healing.


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