Breaking the God Code


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This special DVD was preached “live” at Karen Wheaton’s Winter Ramp at OCI in Cleveland, Tennessee, and includes the 2 part message by Perry “Breaking the God Code.” On this DVD Perry is able to explain the truth concerning world religions. He answers the #1 question, “Who is Jesus?” and questions like, “Who has the right book?” “How do you know the Bible is true?” In addition, on this 2 part message, Perry teaches on the numbers taken from the Hebrew and Greek alphabet as it explains and translates into many mysteries that God orchestrated from creation to the Anti-Christ. A powerful DVD filled with facts and explanations to answer many mysteries and questions men have concerning the true and living God.


This one hour DVD amazed the listener and several times brought the youth to their feet clapping and rejoicing. Using the Hebrew system of interchanging the letters to numbers, you will see the emergence of the God Code! Perry will show how the name of Christ is encoded in creation itself and how even the foods we eat encode the very organs of the body which they were designed to nourish. The God code continues into the cosmos where great signs are being revealed from heaven. This is a faith building DVD that the entire family can enjoy!

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