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Perry's book, “How to Interpret Dreams and Visions,” has left a lasting impact on the evangelical community. It stands out as Perry's favorite among his written works. The desire to write this book had been harbored by Perry for an extended period. Throughout his lifetime, his family's lives were spared through his father's dreams. Additionally, the Lord, through visions and dreams, has provided Perry with warnings and spiritual insight into future events on multiple occasions. The book delves into the understanding of God's warnings and guidance through dreams and visions, presenting 50 symbols related to spiritual dreams and providing insights into their interpretation.

The book covers a variety of topics, such as: “The Last Days – Time to Pierce the Veil,” “The Dream Factor,” “Why Are Some Dreams Delayed in Coming to Pass?,” “Nightmares and Dirty Dreaming,” “False Prophets and False Dreams,” “The Psychic Voices Versus the Prophetic Visions,” “Can a Warning Dream Be Altered Through Prayer?,” “Learning to Listen to Your Wife's Warning Dreams,” “What It Means When Dreaming of a Departed Loved One,” “The Law of the Double Dream,” “Angel Appearances in Dreams,” “Why the Symbolism – Can't God Make It Plain?,” “Four Types of Spiritual Visions,” “Dreams – Amazing Purpose for These Revelations,” “Conclusion – Dreams and Visions – God's Voice of Intimacy.”

With the book, you will also receive a special audio CD featuring Perry's interviews with his father, Fred Stone, and Dr. T.L. Lowery, discussing their secrets of fasting and prayer. This interview, being the last Perry had with his father and T.L. Lowery, shares knowledge and experiences that will undoubtedly bless and minister to those seeking to tap into the will of the Lord.

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