Revelation Generation Package


Perry’s newest landmark book for 2017 – The Revelation Generation is the guiding light from a major prophetic conference  that triggered an interesting debate on harbingers pointing to the Lords’ return. This new book along with 2 new prophetic CD messages by Perry will be released on Manna-Fest in May but is available NOW!

ITEM#  RG-123


Perry Stone is pleased to offer his newest landmark book for 2017 – The Revelation Generation.  This book has new research and special prophetic insight not found in any previous book or teaching from Perry The new research includes the prophecies of the patriarchs, including Adam, Enoch, Jacob, Moses and David that reveal last day events in the Hebrew Scriptures. Perry explores the amazing end-time prophecies in Jewish writings such as the dead sea scrolls, the Damascus Document and the 1st century B.C.Gabriel Stone recently discovered at the Dead Sea which Perry personally saw while in Israel.

Perry explains Biblically based Rabbinical prophecies and how Christ could not have returned before 1948, as Christ’s return is linked to Israel’s complete restoration. He warns about an impending shaking coming to America based on the 6 woes in Isaiah which will occur in our nation. Perry has researched 14 harbingers occurring in Israel. All points to Christ’s return. He includes a chapter on prophecies concealed within the Jewish calendar, including a study in the Jewish month of Lyyar! The book concludes with the chapter, The Battle over the Temple Mount.”

Along with this book you will receive Perry’s 2 most recent prophetic updates. The CD, “America’s Leaders and God’s Providence” and the CD, “Wicked Spirits controlling High Places.” He will show you the two prophetic reasons for America’s Leadership being changed, and the spirit assigned to bring down America.

You will receive all 3 of these resources bundled together in this single Manna-Fest offer!