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Manna-Fest offer “AL-110” entitled, “Is the Anti-Christ Alive?” includes Perry's 2-hour DVD which expands his teaching on this future world dictator by adding fresh insight to a subject that many believers want to know more about. You will understand the region of the world from which the Antichrist will arrive, including a detailed historical study of previous “son of perdition” candidates. This is Perry’s most detailed study on the subject of the ANTI-CHRIST!

Also included in this Manna-Fest package on the Anti-Christ is the audio CD, “Answers to Prophetic Questions Women Have.” Perry prepared this audio in response to several most asked questions from women – mothers and sisters of the faith. For example, Why is there a hell and why does God allow people to go there? Why does God allow children to suffer? Perry will also share the order of future events in an easy-to-understand manner and lead a brief conclusion on family salvation on this CD.

Lastly a bonus CD, ‘Help Me Get Rid of this Eating Spirit” is included in the offer in which Perry deals with strong temptations in our lives and how to overcome them.

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