The Judas Goat Package



This package includes Perry’s book, The Judas Goat and a special DVD, “Don’t Awaken Love Before the Time.”

. A Judas Goat will befriend you today and betray you in the future.

In his latest book The Judas Goat, Perry Stone is now revealing his most comprehensive study on dealing with rejection, recovering from betrayal, and healing emotional wounds through forgiveness. The subjects include:

  • Are you Sleeping with Goats in Your Bed?
  • Beware of Whose in Your Third Chair
  • The Betraying Strategies of a Judas Goat in the Church
  • Having Right Eyes with the Wrong Brain
  • When Satan Fell From Heaven He Landed in My Choir
  • What Happens When Believers Sin Against Believers
  • Believers that are Vexed by a Devil
  • When You Drop Your Cross
  • I Heard What You Said in Your Tent – Private Conversations Made Public
  • The Power of Life and Death are in the Tongue
  • Restoring Fallen Ministers and Members
  • How Relief Comes Only by Confession
  • When You are Wounded in the House of Your Friends
  • Lessons in the Life of a Middle Eastern Sheep

When you order Perry’s new book, The Judas Goat, he will include this new life changing DVD, Don’t Awaken Love Before the Time. Perry will explain the four levels of love; attraction; discerning voices in your relationships; and the danger of giving your heart away to the wrong person. He explains the chemicals released during romantic relationships and why broken relationships can have the same effect as a person coming off certain drugs. He will also explain why some people battle depression and suicidal thoughts when breaking off a relationship.

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