The Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible – Standard Edition

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After waiting 10 years,the Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible (Standard Edition) is now available!
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The Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible (Standard Edition) is here!

Many of you have waited ten years for the completion and printing of Perry’s lifetime legacy work, the Old Testament with his personal commentary! We are pleased to announce the Bible is now available to both partners and to the general public.

In this month’s Voice of Evangelism magazine, we are making available the Old Testament and commentary using the same chestnut color cover and the same two-color printing inside to match the cover and print of the New Testament. The commentary alone is 500,000 words and each verse or a section of verses are explained using history, Hebrew, Aramaic word studies, and Perry’s personal notes.

  • Commentary is gleaned from over 170,000 hours of Perry’s Biblical and historical research
  • The 500,000 words commentary was personally written and researched by Perry Stone
  • There are numerous ‘nugget boxes’ throughout that expounds on various subjects
  • Each book has an ‘In Depth’ at its conclusion, with feature articles and expanded insight
  • Printed in America using high quality paper and each Bible includes a hand-stitched binding using quality materials
  • Bible scriptures use a 10 pt font and commentaries use a 9 pt font
  • Chestnut brown imitation leather cover
  • Note pages included in the front and back of the OT Study Bible
  • ISBN 978-1-949784-12-1

Due to the extensive cost of this project, we were only able to print 39,999 copies to make available for purchase. Please order your copy immediately, while they are available.

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7 reviews for The Perry Stone Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament Study Bible – Standard Edition

  1. Mohan Samuel


  2. Mohan Samuel

    This Bible is excellent. It is worth every dollar that you are paying. It combines Hebraic commentary with God’s Holy Word. I am thankful to our Lord that it is made available. After going through this Bible I am so happy that I ordered it. It will be one of my treasured Bibles that I will enjoy it during my hours of Bible Study. Thank you Lord and Perry Stone for sharing this.

  3. Juanell Gallo (verified owner)

    What a treasure this Bible is! It’s worth every single penny and more. Packed full of information and revelation

  4. Teresa Bragg

    I love this Study Bible! My friends bought both as a gift for me and Pastor Perry signed them!! What a wonderful surprise blessing from my friends. I’m benefiting from Pastor Perry’s hard work and study of God’s Holy Word!

  5. Jerry Emerson

    I was wondering if someone could tell me the font size. It seems that my eyes these days prefer bibles printed in larger font sizes.
    Many Blessings

  6. Kay (verified owner)

    Awesome. It only took 4 business days to reach me and I live in California. I feel blessed to have this. I bought the New Testament version awhile back and my eyes were opened. Love the deeper understanding

  7. Stephan Caraway

    As a Baptist, I could not wait for this OT Study Bible. Although I prefer the NASB translation, this is an outstanding scholarly work. I own the New Testament and have used it often in Bible studies and messages. Next to my Septuagint and my Dead Sea Scrolls literature, these are an excellent source for research. Perry Stone did an excellent job on being impartial while not compromising the integrity of the scripture. There are a few things I may disagree with Him theologically, but I cannot argue against his integrity and the scholarly knowledge that God gave him in putting these testaments together. This is an intellectual achievement, that does not compromise the inherency of God’s Word, while pointing to Christ as the King Eternal, the Almighty God!

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