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The Rapture Revelation Study Series
5 DVD Set

This is one of Perry’s most requested teachings on the Rapture of the Church.  This series was previously offered for a limited time but is now being re-released at this special price. Order yours today while supplies last!


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The PDF Download Study Syllabus is also included with the On-Demand product

The Rapture Revelation

By Perry Stone

5 DVD Set

One of Perry’s most popular Bible Study resources now available for a limited time!

This study series includes the following 5 DVD teachings.

DVD #1 – The Rapture Revelation: The Revelation Revealed to the Apostle Paul

DVD #2 – The Prophetic Timing of the Rapture

DVD #3 – The Rapture: Israel’s Feasts and Harvest Cycles

DVD #4 – The Rapture and the Mysterious Book of Remembrance

DVD #5 – The Ancient Jewish Wedding – Illustrated message.

A study syllabus is also available for this DVD Series!

The Rapture Revelation Series Study Syllabus – PDF Download


The Rapture Revelation Series Study Syllabus


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