We are excited to report that the Holy Spirit showed up in a mighty way at the 2023 Main Event.  This gathering of believers was hosted by Perry Stone and joined by our dear friends Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and John Kilpatrick. There were many spontaneous outbreaks of the Spirit throughout the conference that brought healing, hope, and a fresh renewal to all that attended.  We encourage you to obtain a copy of this conference today.  You will not be disappointed!

The 2023 Main Event

This album includes all 8 powerful messages from Perry Stone, Ron Carpenter, Jentezen Franklin, and  John Kilpatrick. 

The titles of the 8 messages are:

The Mystery that Satan Tries to Keep You From Discovering  – Perry Stone 
It's An Inside Job  – Ron Carpenter
A Stern Warning to All Rapture Scoffers – Perry Stone 
I Am Not a Professional Christian – Jentezen Franklin
Correcting Errors Being Taught Concerning the Great Tribulation – Perry Stone
First the Attack Then the Blessing – John Kilpatrick 
The Prophetic Missing Link of the Sign of Christ's Return – Perry Stone
Shutting the Door on Satan's Ability to Get into Your Life  – Perry Stone 

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2023 Main Event



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