40 Days of Teshuvah are here!

Teshuvah alludes to a time of repentance that is linked to Moses interceding 40 days when Israel sinned with the golden calf (Exodus 32).

These 40 days include 29 Days of Elul which is considered a month of special DIVINE grace and mercy going back to the time of Moses. In 2020 the 29 Days of Elul start August 21st and continue until the Feast of Trumpets which begins on September 18th.  Following Elul are ten Days of Awe when it is believed the gate of heaven is uniquely open for our petitions and intercession. This season climaxes on the Day of Atonement, September 27th, 2020.

These 40 days are a special time each year that I spend praying, studying and interceding for the coming year (taken from the Hebrew calendar which begins in the fall). It is also a time Pam and I give special offerings as a “memorial before the Lord.” (Acts 10:1-4)

We invite you to participate in the Days of Awe prayer time and special offering. You can also send in your request which will be placed in a personal prayer box to be prayed over. You may do this by postal mail or email from our web site.

For greater understanding of Teshuvah, I have available my book, “40 Days of Teshuvah.” This 128 page book was written by Bill Cloud and I and it teaches on how that God makes heavenly decisions during certain seasons, especially during Teshuvah. According to ancient Jewish belief, His decisions are sealed on Yom Kippur and will be manifested during the following 12 months.

May you be richly blessed as you read and learn the biblical teaching on repentance and Teshuvah!

Perry Stone Jr.

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