The Visions

The visions in this book were taken from Perry Stone’s personal dream and vision journal, and he believes now is the time to tell them publicly. They reveal what was, what is, and what is to come. Believers must pray and be prepared for the climax of the age and the fullness of time that will release prophetic events upon their nation and the world.

The Battle of The Coming Two Marks

On this two-hour digital download, Perry explores the mark of Cain and explaining Ezekiel’s mark of protection on the righteous along with the protective “seal of God” alluded to in Revelation. Also included is teaching on “The seal of the Holy Spirit” and “The Mark of the Beast”.

What I Have Learned About Warfare in My Lifetime

On this two-hour audio CD, Perry will explain the meaning of spiritual warfare in the New Testament. He then details the 7 most important new insights about personal and spiritual warfare that he has learned in his lifetime.

Voice of Evangelism Magazine

The Publication for Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries.


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