Introduction to Bible Prophecy Set


“Introduction to Bible Prophecy Set” contains 9 resources to begin an Introduction to Bible Prophecy with Perry Stone.

This set contains resources relevant to current world events in easy-to-understand presentations.

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“Introduction to Bible Prophecy Set” offers some of our most popular teachings, sought after by believers like you. These resources provide a clear overview of Biblical Prophecy and help to shed light on important events to watch for as we approach the soon return of the Lord.  Explore these teachings for valuable insight into Bible Prophecy!

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In this set, you receive one of each of the following 9 prophecy resources by Perry.

  • CD022 Mystery of the Parable of the Fig Tree: One parable Jesus said we should learn was the parable of the fig tree. Perry digs deep into the Word to reveal modern Israel's link to the amazing prophetic insight that was preached at one of our main conferences.
  • CD140 Israel: God’s Time Clock for the Second Coming: In this message, Perry reveals five distinct areas in Israel where end-time prophecies are being fulfilled. He presents research on the discovery of the lost tribes and includes several amazing and unique predictions given by Jewish rabbis.
  • CD155 Daniel’s Key Concerning the Return of Christ: While in deep study, Perry began to notice a fabulous, often overlooked key in Daniel 9 that may help prophetic students to understand how God is dealing with Gentiles on His prophetic calendar, and when the fullness of times may climax, leading to the Great Tribulation. This audio is a must hear for all who love Bible Prophecy!
  • DV105 Israel and the Battle of Gog and Magog: This special DVD was taped on location in Israel, this DVD explains the coming war of Gog & Magog. This infamous battle is alluded to in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is the only war that Muslims, Jews, and Christians all agree will occur in the last days.
  • DV135 Tough Questions About the Rapture: On this DVD, Perry answers some of the toughest questions about the Rapture. Topics include The Revelation of the Catching Away, The Rapture: Revelation of the Great Assembly,  Old Testament Proof of the Coming Christ, The Rapture—To Be or Not to Be, Bible Evidence for a Pre-Tribulation Catching Away, Explaining the Mystery of the 7th Trumpet.
  • DV147 Bloodline of the Beast: Perry masterfully placed prophetic symbolism together and painted a clear picture of Revelation for anyone, including those with little to no knowledge of Bible prophecy. This word is relevant for today’s times, and it will give you a clear order of events to come. Perry also explains the role of Islam in future events.
  • DV171 The Apocalypse Made Easy: The book of Revelation (the Apocalypse) is the least-read and most misunderstood book in the Bible. On this two-hour DVD, Perry Stone ensures that anyone, of any age, can clearly understand the history, symbolism, and predictions concealed in the Apocalypse.   What makes this teaching unique is the method Perry uses to detail this end-time vision and the simplicity with which he explains difficult passages. The Apocalypse Made Easy is long overdue and will help you and your family finally understand John's prophetic revelation.
  • BK-030 America’s Apocalyptic Reset: In this book, Perry unmasks the radical’s blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives and asks, “Has America arrived at her assignment as a Judeo-Christian-based Empire?”
  • BK-032 The Visions Book: Now is the time to share visions from Perry’s personal dreams and vision journal publicly, revealing what was, what is, and what is to come.

Let's begin with these 9 resources to serve as an introduction to Bible Prophecy with Perry Stone.


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