Extensive Prophecy Studies Set


“Extensive Prophecy Studies Set” contains 12 in-depth prophecy resources to move into a greater knowledge of Bible Prophecy with Perry Stone.
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Together, we make a difference!
Your purchases directly support our ministry.
Together, we make a difference!
Your purchases directly support our ministry.
Together, we make a difference!


“Extensive Prophecy Studies Set” takes the journey of Bible Prophecy into great detail. It's packed with an array of extensive DVD teachings and two syllabus notebooks that promise to leave you both informed and inspired.

In this set, you'll uncover the remarkable connections between Jewish Feasts and the End-Time events, shedding new light on the relevance of prophecy in current times. This Set also includes Breaking the Apocalypse Code, which goes into great detail about the Book of Revelation. These teachings stand as some of the most comprehensive resources available today, offering you hours of in-depth explanations and insights into end-time world events. Get ready for a deep dive into prophecy like never before!

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In this set, you receive one of each of the following 12 prophecy resources by Perry.

  • 2CD368 Second Coming Secrets: This 2-set series shares a great historical understanding of the second coming teaching. Both messages help to unlock mysteries of the second coming! They will give you a great historical understanding and expose where the rapture is concealed in the Old Testament Torah and Psalms.
  • DV136 Unlocking the Millennial Code: The Millennial Kingdom; the events before, during, and after the 1,000-year reign of Christ. On this two hour DVD, Perry Stone begins his study from Jerusalem and describes the climax of the tribulation, the heavenly Marriage Supper, and the order of heavenly and earthly events during the final 48 hours leading to Christ's return!
  • DV140 The Hebrew Alphabet and Prophetic Code: If you enjoy Hebraic studies, you will be amazed to see this message preached in Grandville, Michigan. The Hebrew alphabet, the Jewish calendar, and the number code in the Torah actually encoded dates when certain major events would take place. See how certain verses make major dates, and how certain days reveal the event itself. Also see how the inscription on the cross, in Hebrew, actually encodes the sacred name of God, YHVH!
  • DV173 Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Parables Revealing Christ’s Return: from deep within the Roman Catacombs to Christian symbols painted on stone to an amazing discovery in a Jerusalem grotto, the Christian faith has a rich history full of meaningful symbols. On this DVD, Perry Stone reveals unusual ancient symbols and unlocks the meaning of numerous New Testament prophetic parables that conceal obscure clues regarding Christ‘s return. Perry explains the historical context of Christ‘s second-coming parables as they relate to Greco-Roman and Hebraic culture.
  • 11DVD101 The Mystery of the Seven Feast of Israel: This teaching contains a total of 11 DVDs which are included in a compact album.   Delve into the mystery of the 7 Feasts of Israel as Perry and Bill Cloud share powerful illustrated messages to reveal Biblical truth in the significance of Israel's Feasts. You will enjoy learning and relating to the seven Feasts of Israel and gain an understanding of each of them.
  • RA-137 The Rapture Revelation Study Series: This 5 DVD series focuses on the Apostle Paul, the Feasts of Israel, the mysterious book of remembrance, and the ancient Jewish Wedding.
  • MNL-RAP The Rapture Revelation Series Study Syllabus:  This is a spiral-bound study guide to The Rapture Revelation DVD Series.
  • APO-136 Breaking the Apocalypse Code Study Series: This study series of 8 DVDs clearly explains the 22 chapters of the Apocalypse, Totaling 14 hours of eye-opening, exciting prophetic insight.
  • MNL-APOC1 Breaking the Apocalypse Study Syllabus: This is a spiral-bound study guide to the Breaking the Apocalypse Code DVD Study Series.
  • PBF-SET Unusual Prophecies Book Bundled Set:  This is a set of six books that remain in inventory from a larger study series done by Perry Stone focusing on topics such as weather patterns, American History, the nation of Israel, and the mark of the beast.
  • BK-012 Prophecies Concealed Now Revealed: Within the Body of Christ are multiple voices, often teaching different orders of future events. Some emphasize a pre-tribulation return, while others point to a mid-tribulation or post-tribulation coming of Christ for the church. Who is right and can we know for certain? After 40 years of ministry and over 120,000 hours of personal Biblical research, Perry Stone believes he has discovered, with certainty, the order of future events as concealed in Israel’s final three fall festivals! When reading this book, you will learn that the chain of God’s divine order cannot be broken­­—as the types, patterns, and fall festivals point to a pre-tribulation return of Christ for the overcoming believer (Revelation 2 and 3). Perry also takes “another look” at the days of Noah and Lot. He exposes fresh insight from Jewish sources that indicate this generation is running parallel to the signs from Noah and Lot’s day—pointing to Christ’s return (Luke 17:26-29).
  • BK-007 Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes: In this book, Perry reveals that these cycles, patterns, and historical rhythms are one method God uses to help believers know what is coming. Perry shares visions and dreams that contain warnings and how believers must be prepared and write a compelling chapter on how the Hebrew alphabet, numbers, and Torah verses reveal prophetic codes and future events.

Let's move further into Bible Prophecy knowledge with these 12 resources with Perry Stone.

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