In-Depth Prophecy Set


“In-Depth Prophecy Set” contains 9 resources to move further into comprehension of Bible Prophecy with Perry Stone.
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“In-Depth Prophecy Set” begins where the “Introduction to Bible Prophecy Set” ends, offering a deeper dive into the book of Daniel and an exploration of the strategies of the antichrist in a 4DVD series.  This is an opportunity for believers to continue their journey deeper into Bible Prophecy. This set also provides insights into the Rapture of the Church, drawing parallels with the Jewish Wedding, and introduces the concept of the Millennial Reign with the session, “Standing at the BEMA.” It's a valuable continuation of your study on Bible Prophecy!

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In this set, you receive one of each of the following 9 prophecy resources by Perry.

  • CD177 The Timeline of the Great Tribulation: Perry details from the Scriptures the Tribulation timeline and the Biblical ‘triggers’ releasing major events that will precede the coming “great and terrible day of the Lord.” This message helps resolve confusion that may be rising in the Body of Christ, concerning the timing of the great Tribulation.
  • CD248 The Top Trigger Events from Now to the Tribulation: On this audio CD, Perry will identify a list of events to help you discern the signs that reveal the tribulation is looming over the horizon.
  • 2CD401 Standing at the Bema: You will one day stand face to face with Christ at a judgment called the Bema. What will you be judged for and how will you answer Christ when he exposes the idle words you spoke and your actions on earth? This two-hour teaching will explain, from beginning to end, what to expect and how you will be rewarded or stand ashamed when you appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ to receive your eternal reward for the way you have lived your life.
  • DV094 Jewish Wedding – A Revelation of the Rapture: This DVD explores the ancient Jewish wedding ceremony that includes the mystery of the four Passover cups” is a revelation on the Rapture! To truly understand the concept of the rapture of the church”
  • 2DV101 Unsealing the Daniel Cipher: Daniel was told that the understanding of his book would be sealed until the time of the end, when knowledge (of his visions) would increase. As time passes, we can understand not only the past but the future as revealed in the dreams and visions penned in Daniel. Perry has spent thousands of hours reviewing the content and context of the numerous dreams and visions recorded by this great Hebrew prophet, including Aramaic and Hebrew word studies and the history behind the Daniel Cipher.
  • 4DV103 Antichrist, His Confederacy, and the Final Eighth Empire Package: He has prepared this 8-Lesson expanded and detailed teaching contained in 4-DVDs on the Antichrist, His Confederacy, and the World’s Final Eighth Empire – The Empire that will Seize the World in the Future!
  • BK-029 The Final Ciphers and The Return of Christ: In his landmark book on end-time prophecy, Perry Stone has discovered stunning information that unlocks ancient ciphers. These ciphers conceal secrets for our generation that point to Christ’s return!
  • BK-SC Unlocking the Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls: Perry Stone spent hundreds of hours to compile evidence that unlocks the marvelous secrets of Christ's Second Coming! This detailed book explains many difficult and unusual prophetic passages
  • BK-UB3 Unleashing the Beast: This is the latest publication of Perry Stone's book, “UNLEASHING THE BEAST,” which was revised to include information explaining Israel's war with Iran which will eventually lead to the rise of the Anti-Christ! If you want to know what's coming, then this is the book to read!

Let's move deeper into Bible Prophecy knowledge with these 9 resources with Perry Stone.


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