Sea of Forgetfulness and Praying for Prodigals Pkg

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A comprehensive manuscript that exposes the details as to why 7 out of 10 Christians are living a hindered life, and how they can be freed.


Prepare for a message that will encourage you toward complete obedience to God.

Perry's book, “Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness,” along with his 2CD album, “Keys to Praying for Your Prodigal Children,” is Manna-Fest Offer# F-134.

In times past, Christians found themselves grappling with emotional confusion and mental torment, often battling depression or struggling to obtain healing. Questions arose about unanswered prayers. For those seeking a profound spiritual breakthrough, there exists a valuable resource. The intent is to impart knowledge about self-imposed obstacles and hindrances. For instance, Christians frequently dredge up past sins of those already forgiven, sharing forbidden information with fellow believers—an action deemed sinful. Christ warns that such actions can unleash a tormenting spirit upon the accusers. In this enlightening journey, you will discover: “The Peril of Doing Everything Right but One Thing Wrong,” “A Cautionary Lesson from a Man Named Shimei,” “How Christians Inadvertently Become Ensnared by Negative Influences,” “The Compelling Story of an Angel who rebuked a minister,” “The undermining effect of unforgiveness on healing,” “Christ's undisclosed wisdom on the law of two or three agreeing,” “Christians' culpability in bearing false witness,” “The interconnection between forgiveness and increased faith,” “The challenge of extending extreme forgiveness in extreme cases,” “Four aspects that God permits judgment upon,” “When God withdraws future forgiveness (the most explosive chapter!)”

This comprehensive manuscript lays bare the reasons why 7 out of 10 Christians experience a hampered life and provides a path to liberation. It is truly transformative!

When you acquire this offer, Perry includes a new two-audio CD teaching set, “Keys to Praying for Prodigal Children.” In this two-hour presentation, Perry imparts powerful, often overlooked spiritual and Biblical keys on how and what to pray for when interceding for the salvation of a prodigal child or unsaved family member. Equip yourself with this revelation and put it into practice, expecting to witness positive results.

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  1. Claire (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed and learned many new insights from this presentation. It was the first time I heard this preacher, and felt God called me to this particular presentation as I have a prodigal son I love dearly; however, he has rejected the Bible. I pray for him and his family every night and various times during the day. It’s sad that he lives in Europe now and has rejected his family and our belief in Christ and the Bible. I just ordered the book and CD package to be part of my “prayer Arsenal” to help me to continue to have hope despite the 2 years since this started. Thank you 🙏 for this encouraging message. I look forward to receiving this order.

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