Sea of Forgetfulness and Praying for Prodigals Pkg


Early Release of Sea of Forgetfulness and Praying for Prodigals Package  includes Perry’s latest book, Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness and 2CD Praying for Prodigals Album. This will be released on Manna-Fest in January 2020 but you can order now!



This will be offered on Manna-Fest in January 2020, however, we are allowing an early release on this offer starting today! This includes Perry’s most recent book, Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness and his 2CD album, Keys to Praying for your Prodigal Children.

Often, Christians become emotionally confused and mentally tormented with depression, while others struggle to receive healing. Some can’t understand why their prayers are not being answered. If you desire a complete spiritual breakthrough, I have the resource! I want to teach you about your self-built roadblocks and hindrances. For example, Christians are constantly fishing up the past sins of those who have been forgiven and whispering forbidden information to other believers. That alone is a sin. According to Christ, these actions can release a tormenting spirit that will attack the accusers. Stick with me on this journey, and you will learn:

  •  The danger of doing everything right but one thing wrong
  •  A dangerous lesson from a man named Shimei
  •  How Christians are becoming unhappy hookers—hooking themselves
  •  The stunning story of an Angel who rebuked a minister
  •  How unforgiveness undermines the possibility of receiving your healing
  •  Christ’s secret about the law of two or three agreeing
  •  How Christians are often guilty of being a false witness
  •  The link between forgiveness and increasing your faith
  •  The struggle of releasing extreme forgiveness in extreme cases
  •  Four things that God allows you to judge
  •  When God revokes your future forgiveness (The most explosive chapter!)

This book is a comprehensive manuscript. It exposes the details as to why 7 out of 10 Christians are living a hindered life, and how they can be freed! It is life-changing!

When you order this offer, Perry is including a NEW two audio CD teaching set, Keys to Praying for Prodigal Children. On this two-hour, two audio CD teaching, Perry will present to you the powerful, often untaught and overlooked spiritual and Biblical keys of how and what to pray when you are believing and interceding for the salvation of a prodigal child, or an unsaved family member. Arm yourself with this revelation and put it into action. We believe you will see results!!

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