The Treasure Book

AMERICA’S FIRST CHRISTIAN-BASED TREASURE HUNT – A fictitious story of Amanda journeying through four states in the chain of the Appalachian Mountains, to find a key hidden by her father.

The Masada Principle – Preparing for What’s Coming

Scripture reveals prophetically that there will be numerous dangers at the time of the end. It also tells us to discern the times and be prepared when we see signs of trouble.

Removing the Leprosy Inside Your House

Unrepentant sin is comparable to leprosy. At some point, a cleansing must take place through a process called sanctification. Learn how to remove the spots of unrepentant sin from your life today!

The Prayer Language of the Holy Spirit

In this two-hour audio teaching, Perry shares informative biblical insight into how this gift assists the believer in our weaknesses and infirmities.

The 2022 Main Event

The 2022 Main Event Conference is now available on CD, DVD, and Instantly On-Demand from PSTV. This album includes all 8 powerful messages from Perry Stone, Tony Scott, Ron Carpenter, and Tommy Bates. 

The Power of the Rhema

Learn how to take thoughts, concepts, and ideas (Logos) and turn them into a practical application (Rhema) in your life!

What Happened in My Brain When the Tempter Came

Your biggest problem in life will be dealing with temptation. In this teaching, discover how Satan taps into God’s wiring system, located in your brain, to find your weaknesses and exploit them.


2022 International Prophetic Summit DVD Album

The 2022 Prophetic Summit is now available on DVD. Receive all 12 latest prophecy messages from Perry, Jonathan Cahn, Bill Cloud, Curt Landry, and Mark Biltz.

2022 International Prophetic Summit CD Album

The 2022 Prophetic Summit is now available on audio CD. Receive all 12 latest prophecy messages from Perry, Jonathan Cahn, Bill Cloud, Curt Landry, and Mark Biltz.

Releasing an Anointing to Wrestle and Prevail

Discover the anointing God gives you to successfully battle against repetitive spiritual attacks in your life.


The Soon Closing Out of the Church Age

This is a very powerful message filled with fantastic insight that provides the keys to an understanding of soon-coming events.

Will Jesus Return By 2033? - CD

Perry does not set dates for Christ’s return, as “no man knows the day nor the hour” (Matt. 24:36). However, there are some interesting facts linked with the year 2033 that carry prophetic implications

America Flirting with the Spirit of Antichrist

In this timely and important teaching, Perry exposes who these bad-faith actors are, how they get away with their lies and corruption, and how their actions connect to Biblical prophecy. Learn strategies to protect yourself and your family during these troubling times.


2022 Louisville Kentucky Conference CD Album

Eight messages Perry shared at the 2022 Louisville Conference are available while they last! All eight messages shared at this meeting are included in this audio CD album. Only a few albums remain following the conference so order now! We will only offer these while they are available.

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